Hey Guys! Only 15mins to cook yourself a delicious chicken chop⁣
Winter Warmers ensures you a mouth-watering platter even at home.⁣
Seasoned by our chef  ,marinating and infusing our sauce with the chicken, making it flavorful and delicate to enjoy.⁣
Winter Warmes Frozen Chicken Chop can be done within 15mins at home and office! ⁣
 100% juicy and tender⁣
 Healthy and low calories⁣
 Loved by adults and children⁣
 Boil / Fry / Oven/Air Fryer⁣
13 flavors up to selection⁣
- Lemongrass⁣
- Rosemary⁣
- Cajun Spice⁣
- Honey BBQ ⁣
- Lemon Herbs ⁣
- Honey Mustard⁣
- Sze Chuan Spicy ⁣
- Balsamic Vinegar ⁣
- Curry Spice⁣
- Authentic Nyonya ⁣
- Masala herbs⁣
- Mexican spicy⁣
- Tandoori herbs⁣

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