Performing health screening tests is one of the important investment that you can do for your life. The aim of health screening is to identify if you have any risk of having a particular condition and modify it at the early stage. Osel Clinic offer a wide range of screening program(s) that Osel believe will benefit you. Call to know your numbers now at 04-3055092 today!


  1. You will need to fast (8-12hrs) the night before your scheduled appointment. You should skip your breakfast but plain water is allowed. This will ensure better accuracy of your blood test result.
  2. If the exercise stress test is part of your health screening test, please bring along your running shoes and sports gear.
  3. If the PAP smear or pelvic examination is part of your health screening test, please put on comfortable attire for ease of examinations. Do not apply spermicides or any vaginal creams.
  4. If you are unwell, please contact our registration counter and reschedule your appointment as illness and medications may affect your screening results.


  1. After registration, your blood test will be taken first so that you can have your breakfast.
  2. You will then go through the series of test depending on your package (e.g. electrocardiogram, chest x-ray, ultrasound etc).
  3. At the end of your appointment, we will schedule your second appointment for medical review with our medical doctors. This will usually take approximately 1 week from your first appointment.
  4. During the second appointment, our doctors will go through the results of your health screen test and outline future management, if necessary.0cdf50110adb40d0b0fc34078300e2d9 8c2ddb6f7e41438d945dbb092319c514