Event Details

Free admission‼ Beyond Music Carnival !
Date: 11 November 2023 (Saturday)
Location: Straits Court
Time: 5pm to 11pm
Imagine how exciting it would be to have everyone sing Beyond’s classic songs together! Hurry up and share this good news with your relatives and friends, especially the die-hard fans of Beyond. You must not miss it!
On this Double 11 night, let’s gather together with Beyond’s classic songs to remember the lead singer of Beyond.

Pawathon 2023 (Pet Walkathon)
Date: 12 November 2023 (Sunday)
Time: 9:30am
Location: Strait Quay, Penang
Registration fee: RM60
Route distance: 1.5km
Every step with my furkid is a step closer to happiness.
Bring your little ones to participate in the Pawathon 2023 walkathon and see them smiling and wagging their tail at you!
Dogs that complete the walk marathon will also receive badges and rewards! Of course, the accompanying mommies will also receive exclusive clothes for the walking marathon! That outfit is as cute as your furkid!
Registration link: https://howei.com/event_details/pawathon2023 (Quota is limited‼)
Exclusive clothes, badge for pet walking marathon, Munchy Paws best-selling snacks, Event gift bag , Pet lunch, Certificate of Award, Lucky Draw, Dog Party & Weekend Market.

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