The pairing of koi and circle may seem random, but the combination stems from symbolism and wordplay beloved of communities and civilisations inextricably linked with the Chinese cultural sphere. Inspiring the design of this unique collection are two popular phrases in the genre.

Where 源源不绝 yuán yuán bù jué means ‘a never-ending stream’ or ‘to come forth endlessly’, its first character is a homophone of that for round 圆 as well as for currency 元. In 年年有余 nián nián yǒu yú, translating as ‘always in credit’ or ‘a surplus every year’, the last character shares its pronunciation with that for fish 鱼 and for abundance 裕.

Both customary wishes for long-lasting plenty, they express sentiments shared by peoples across East Asia, and provide latitude for creative yet meaningful interpretation in design.

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