Presenting you a version 2.0! Bigger in size and better in taste!
Lets get to know more of our best selling signature cinnamon rolls.
Not condensed milk. Our glaze uses Naturgreen soy milk.
It is packed with natural nutrients from soybean milk, with less calories compared to dairy milk.
We are proud to say that we, Real Food are the first and only in Malaysia to use ceylon cinnamon from Sonnentor -organic certified and all the way from Austria.
-the Ceylon variety is also called real cinnamon
-full of antioxidants
-aids in digestion
-vegan, vegetarian, without added of salt
 Brown Rice Milk dough base. Suitable for those lactose intolerant and easier on the digestive system.
 From levain starter to freshly baked out of the oven. 24 hours is put to work on our daily batches of signature rolls.
 Made with NO butter, eggs or cow’s milk. Enjoy our cinnamon rolls with a peace of mind.
 Every bite is accompanied with toasted walnuts and raisins. The ceylon cinnamon also gives the cinnamon rolls a sweet and mild flavour with fresh spice aroma.
At LE PAN, gifting is a sign of love and care. Buy 4 pieces of cinnamon roll and it comes with a gift box printed with soy ink ready to be gifted to anyone at any occasion.
Are you ready to to get your hands on some yummy goodness?
Freshly baked daily and only limited quantities, contact us to preorder today! 
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