A popular cake in Central Europe, Kouglof is traditionally served at major community events. So we bring you the LE PAN’s version of this rich and delicate yeast cake. A delicacy you can enjoy with your loved ones this season. After multiple adjustments to our recipe and carefully choosing our ingredients and methods, we have arrived at the perfect dough for you.
- Starting with the bread flour, which are wholesome grains grown organically in the hill of the German Alps, to the content of our kouglof.
-Then, we select and prepare the nuts and fruits with care to give you a delicate balance for taste and texture.
-We also add Naturgreen organic soymilk—enriched with calcium from marine algae sweetened with agave syrup—and homemade soy yoghurt into our kouglof. Our homemade soy yoghurt is cultivated for 8-hours before adding it to give the kouglof a good level of acidity.
-We have also taken the long route of making fresh organic orange peel sweetened with organic brown sugar instead of using pre-made candied peels.
-But, LE PAN Chocolate Kouglof would not be perfect yet without healthy wild yeast. Our kouglof is made with our infamous natural yeast grown with time, love, and care, making it a deliciously dense yet easily digestible cake.
-Our vibrant natural yeast is put to work for 6 hours to ferment the kouglof batter before baking.
-Made with NO butter, eggs or cow’s milk, you can enjoy LE PAN Kouglof with peace of mind.
LE PAN Chocolate Kouglof is for sharing. The filling is so generous that every bite you take with your loved ones gives you a burst of flavours and texture —and perhaps a good topic starter for gatherings.
At LE PAN, gifting is a sign of love and care.
Each purchase of LE PAN Chocolate Kouglof comes with a gift box printed with soy ink, ready to be gifted for a festive celebration with loved ones.
Make your celebrations this season joyfully sweet and meaningful with our vegan LE PAN Chocolate Kouglof. Get yours now at Real Food today!