Pershing sports yachts don’t just sail; they fly over the water – the fastest-moving of all, in design, luxury and technology. Experience the exhilaration!

Pershing expresses and evokes the very best of what makes Italy special to the world: its taste, style and savoir faire, sense of beauty and luxury, applied creativity, as well as its search for more surprising design, more sophisticated materials and details, and more elegant furnishings.

Pershing has always been known for delivering the most powerful experience on the sea. The obsession for speed beats fast in Pershing customers as well as in anyone involved in the production of a Pershing yacht, the result of a supreme combination of aerodynamics, mechanics and materials, stemmed from state-of-the-art racing technology.

From the engine to the interior decor, there is no single item on a Pershing yacht that prevents the boat from reaching the highest speed on the sea. Because a Pershing is not driven. It is piloted, just like a fighter jet or a racing car.

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