Here comes the annual【Mid Year Sales】of Winter Warmers!!
Bring your favourite #tea to your doorstep, enjoy them while #STAYATHOME , relax and have your #Hightea time with family.
【3 FOR RM49.90】
This「Mid Year Sale」comes with a wide selection of tea categories — Herbal Tea (Caffeine Free), Green Tea, Black Tea & Flavoured Tea.
- 100% Genuine products
All of the products that sned it to you are genuine as you bought them in our stores.
- Calm Your Mind and Relieve Stress
Tea is definitely not only relaxes your mind but also helps you sleep peacefully and release your anxiety.
- Great quality tea leaves
We choose only tea leaves that meet our criteria, remove rotten tea leaves, take those fine quality and naturally sun-dried.
This special mid-year sale will only last for a LIMITED TIME, so grab it before it is gone forever.
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