Songpyeon, 송편 (Korean Rice Cake) is a common dessert eaten during Chuseok, Korean Mid Autumn Festival.
Songpyeon has a chewy skin and is usually filled with red beans, chestnuts, jujubes or honey.
Combining flavours of this traditional Korean delicacy and traditional Chinese mooncake, K Market presents a whole new dessert for Chuseok this year – Korean Mooncake
Enjoy a box of four Korean mooncake at RM88.00 while stocks last!
- Korean Honey Jujube, 허니대추
- Korean Passionfruit & Hallabong, 패션후르츠 한라봉
- Korean Maxim Coffee, 맥심커피
- Korean Honey Citron, 허니유자301764370_8742252295800788_574571122060841087_n 301444057_8742256275800390_8871340461129412842_n