This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate in a unique way! Fei Fei Crab proudly presents the “Father’s Day Appreciation Package,” offering you a special crab and seafood feast paired with an extraordinary dining experience that will surely surprise and delight you. Order now and get Cash Voucher + Free Tiramisu Affair Crepe Cake from us !
Our menu includes:
Father’s Day Appreciation Package 01
Golden Stuffed Crab Craw
Thai Style Claypot Sharkfin Soup
Steamed Scallop With Ginger Garlic & Chili
Spicy Fried Garlic With Squid
Braised Hong Kong Yee Mee With Tiger Prawn
Fried Hong Kong Kai Lan With Ginger
Honey Lemon Longan With Seacoconut
Order now receive RM500 cash voucher & Tiramisu Affair Crepe Cake for free!
Father’s Day Appreciation Package 02
Sze Chuan Diced Chic & Pu-Jing Diced Chic With Yambasket
White Pepper Lala Spinach Soup
Black Bean & Fried Garlic Ginger Steamed River Patin Fish
Signature Salted Egg Butter XXL Crab
Pan Fried Tiger Prawn
Crispy Fried Squid
Stir Fried KaiLan With Crab Meat Seafood
Balacan Seafood Fried Rice
Honey Lemon Longan With Seacoconut
Order now receive RM1000 cash voucher & Tiramisu Affair Crepe Cake for free!
Father’s Day Appreciation Package 03
Yuanyang Dual Flavor Mantis Prawn
Crab Meat Tofu Soup
Thai Style Lime Steam Lala With Dragon Grouper
HK Dry Spicy Fried Garlic Dragon Grouper
Signature Pork Knuckles & Rib
Lotus Leaf Steam With Original Fresh XXL Crab
Abalone Braised Seafood Pot
Black Truffle Scallop Fried Rice
Mix Fried Lotus Root Vege
Honey Lemon Longan With Seacoconut
Order now receive RM1500 cash voucher & Tiramisu Affair Crepe Cake for free!
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Penang, Straits Quay Branch
3E-G-3C Straits Quay, Seri Tanjung Pinang,
Tanjung Tokong 10470 Penang
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