Concerto in B flat major for cello – 2018
By Lim Ah Cheng
Medium: mixed media on canvas
Size: 137cm  x 137cm
Coming from a Chinese artistic background, Lim is a skill exponent of Chinese ink painting and calligraphy.
He studied at the Malaysian Institute of Art and is a pupil of master calligrapher Chong Chen Chuan.
Lim is well- known for his painting of horses although the prolific artist has continuously challenged himself to express his creativity in other subjects like Orchestras as shown, Balinese dance and other animal forms. What Lim sought is the spontaneity and movements in his subjects
. Wielding his brush, Lim instill a dynamism in his subjects – a tour de force.
“I have employed both oil as well as ink to bring out the movement. Some are executed with very fast brush strokes – the same technique as in Chinese brush painting.
This can never be replicated again because of the speed with which they are painted. The colour combination also can never be repeated.”enthused Lim. Born in 1968, Klang Malaysia.
Available at Ming Fine Art Galleries, Straits Quay and St Jo’s Gurney Paragon Mall