One step at a time. That was our motto as we took baby steps since the pandemic hit us hard. Gearing ourselves into survival mode, we had only one aim – to be here for our community when the pandemic ends.
As we step into the month of September, we are glad we made it this far. At one point, even surviving August was a bleak hope – yet here we are. And it is all thanks to you and your gift of hope, support, love and more love.
With various sponsorship, grants, fundraising collaborations and donations from federal government agencies, state government, theatre groups and individuals, our lifeline has been stretched a little. We’re now looking at a brighter chance of survival at least until Nov/Dec 2021. However, our struggle isn’t over. Until we resume operation and able to stand on our own feet, we are dependent on your gift of love.
Every day, whenever our heart feels sore as we are reminded of the darkness of our theatre and our centre, we cheer ourselves up as we think of the many gifts of love we have received since the pandemic brought the shutters down.
We think of a teacher of an international school who donated her 1-month teaching salary for our survival; a journalist, a vocal coach and a few professionals who are making monthly contributions until we resume operation; a father of three who makes regular donations in the name of his children, for the sake of his children’s future. There are many other stories of our wonderful patrons I wish I could share.
Yesterday I received an email from a patron who went straight to the point and asked, “Do you still need money? If yes, I will transfer some.” And last week I received another email from a Malaysian living in Sydney, one of our patron, asking “Shall I transfer some more?”
With so much love from everyone, how can we ever stop fighting for survival? We cannot and we will not.
To everyone who have showed us love, we thank you and we wish you everything wonderful in life.
Thank you for believing in the arts. Thank you for believing in penangpac.
Fa Abdul
General Manager
Performing Arts Centre of Penang