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SHOEPOINT Sdn. Bhd.,established in 1982, is a company dedicated to the design and retail of quality, creative, and avant garde footwear. The company dresses the feet of people who are young physically and more importantly young mentally. Customers are motivated by footwear that is individual and unique. For them, designs are personal and are a symbol of an entire lifestyle.

With over 30 years in the footwear retailing industry, the company has sold over 60,000 designs. Shoepoint has outlets in prime shopping malls in Penang, Malaysia, Batam and Indonesia; carrying stocks catering for mid to high end markets. Plans are underway to market their in-house labels ,”SHOEPOINT” and “GREEN EARTH”, to franchisee retail stores in China, Indonesia, Philippines and Australia.

Lot No: 3A-G-37