Event Details

Colours of Penang Art Exhibition @ Straits Quay,

From 1-10 Jul 2022, 10am-10pm, Ground Floor Main Lobby

Featuring 28 artists :

Aibee Lim, Anthony Cheah, Carina Lok, Chan Shih Ing, Eruan Loy, Frankie Chin, Hwang Sock Tsu, Joey Lim, Joshua Foo, Khoo yan huai, Khoo yan yu, Koay Sheng Tat, Lee Chin Huat, Lee jia Xing, Lee Weng Khim, Lee Gim Eng, Lee Jee Yuan, Lim Lee kin, Louis Gan, Meng Shuai Yang, Neoh Bee Pin, Owen Ow, Sally Lee, Simon Ong, Sylvain yang, Vincent lai, Janence Yoong, Yao Yao Jiang.

CELEBRATING PENANG’S HERITAGE! See Penang’s heritage through the unique lens of Penang Artists. 28 artists of Penang Artists who paints Penang heritage buildings and sites is exhibiting their works to celebrate the Georgetown Heritage Day falls on 7th July. These artists have been painting Penang for some time. They gather over the weekends to paint and cherish the sites which have given them joy and meaning. We invite you to join us on this special visual feast, showing many buildings and sites, some familiar and others maybe completely new to you.

There will be FREE live portrait on 7 Jul 2022 from 11am to 6pm.
Don’t miss this session to experience their wonderful work.

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