Royal Selangor’s Limited Edition Thanos the Conqueror Figurine
Thanos stands atop a mountain of death and destruction, gloating over the annihilation wrought by the Infinity Gauntlet, which he lifts in triumph.

Conceptualised and modelled by highly respected Malaysian artists Alan Quah and Mufizal Mokhtar, the exquisitely detailed pewter Eternal’s 24K gilded gauntlet is studded with faceted crystals. A limited edition of 999 pieces worldwide.


Royal Selangor’s Captain America First Avenger Figurine
Shield in hand, Captain America charges forward and readies to throw a devastating punch in one fluid move, the sculpture rendered in the dynamic style and distinctive costume of the Bronze Age of comics.



Royal Selangor’s Limited Edition Avengers: Age of Ultron Diorama
Based on one of the most memorable end credits sequences in recent cinematic history, in a limited edition of 200 pieces worldwide.

Royal Selangor’s impressive diorama, commissioned by Singapore-based Comicave Studios, replicates the movie’s monumental Graeco-Roman inspired original, created by New York visual effects design firm Perception, in superb detail.



Royal Selangor’s Limited Edition Iron Man & Ultron Replica
Royal Selangor reproduces Iron Man in his classic Bronze Age suit in polished pewter, standing victorious over the mangled remains of Ultron’s robotic horde. The 1/6 scale replica is limited to 300 pieces worldwide.

An award-winning producer of premium art collectibles, Singapore’s XM Studio’s impressive cold-cast porcelain original portrays a human life form, encased in protective metal, battling a sentient humanoid metal robot intent on the extermination of human life.


Royal Selangor’s Limited Edition Thor God of Thunder Figurine
A limited edition of 2,000 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

Inspired by the storyline of the 1969 comic book Silver Surfer #4, Asgard quakes as Thor slams Mjölnir into the floor in an epic confrontation. Thor’s iconic costume from comic books’ Silver Age is shown to dramatic effect.



Royal Selangor’s Venom Dark Origin Figurine
Loosely based on the Dark Origin story arc, an enraged Venom claws impatiently at concrete as he stares down his nemesis Spider-man. The intimidating villain, a bond of sentient alien parasite and human host, is sculpted with nightmarish detail, highlighted further by a glimmering finish.