AsterSpring’s latest and NEW DETOX CLEARING THERAPY
Utilising the very first and new professional grade 2-in-1 solution, Purifying Masque + Exfoliant, it clears breakouts and tackles signs of premature skin ageing simultaneously! Taking advantage of this powerful ingredient Japanese Matcha Tea, antioxidant-rich, helps to prevent acne, eliminate toxins, control excess oil, soothe inflammation and protect against sun damage.

This tri-action masque is a multi-tasker for breakout-prone skin. It combines a masque and an exfoliant to actively brighten, soothe and purify away excess oil and debris with one formulation. The use of bt-accent AIR machine (USA) with Power Essence and Soothing Rebalancing Serum further improves cell regeneration, purification and speeds up acne and scar healing. The use of 100% pure soothing compress Tisserand essential oils (Tea Tree and Lavender) enhances the calming and soothing effect.

Want a dewy glow? You can attain it, with AsterSpring’s latest and NEW HYDRA SHINE THERAPY. With the use of a professional-grade ionizable serum like the Powerbright Ionactive Serum, potent actives immediately brighten skin, and reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. The use of LDM machine from Germany increases penetration and better absorption of this powerful serum into the deeper layers of the skin. The upgraded Intense Hydra Soothing Bio-Cellulose mask, rich in Green Caviar (nutrient-rich, collagen & hydration boosting), Ginkgo Biloba Stem Cell Extract (soothing effect), Wasabi Leaf Extract (anti-inflammatory and whitening), and hyaluronic acid further improves hydration and moisture with nano, liposome and probiotic technology.