36969106_2392191990797596_7460568633664602112_o-copy 36969106_2392191990797596_7460568633664602112_o 37287422_2404643772885751_3579343199509938176_o 37327986_2404643959552399_8640147965190602752_o 37339643_2404644209552374_8216430281591095296_n 37386436_2404644069552388_2151301268335755264_o 37488076_2404643439552451_493936941440434176_o“Nature Love Sculpture Group Exhibition” displays the beauty and details of these art pieces that is often overlook by many. This exhibition aims to educate the importance and beauty of Sculpture Artistry. Feel free to pay a visit and enjoy every art pieces displayed in Ming Fine Art Hall 3 from 18 July 2018 to 2 August 2018.