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Following the success of the Arabesque Classic last year, MEDICOM TOY and ROYAL SELANGOR ups the ante by introducing the 400% BE@RBRICK ROYAL SELANGOR Arabesque Magic.

The decorative arabesques of metal engraving take on a colour-shifting finish of peacock hues. Recalling the golden age of theatrical feats of illusion and vaudeville showmanship of the 19th century, the Special Edition 400% Arabesque Magic BE@RBRICK ROYAL SELANGOR conjures a mood of mystery and the unexpected

Hand assembled with moving joints, the surface of the BE@RBRICK is replete with curvilinear arabesque motifs derived from the elaborate steel engraved scrollwork of 19th century America and Europe. The intricacy of the 400% BE@RBRICK ROYAL SELANGOR Arabesque Magic design shines through the iridescent pewter surface.

In earlier centuries, arabesque patterns of sinuous branches, leaves or ornate lines abstracted from natural forms decorated illuminated manuscripts, walls, furniture, metalwork, and pottery.

Available from 7th March for a limited time only.

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Lot No: 3A-G-1, 3A-1-30 & 31