In our modern world, it is not easy to find a peaceful sanctuary filled with nature’s greeneries. Enjoy the scenic view of Teluk Bahang dam and enjoy a morning walk at the hilly side. We may live in a concrete jungle, but over at Green Acres, there is still a chance for us to enjoy a peaceful surrounding of trees, small animals and refreshing waterfall.

Take a visit to Penang’s organic farm, where every fruits and vegetables produce are handled with care. Learn about the organic methods in farming and for those who love an adventurous bit, you can even try some of the farming work. You get to rest by the refreshing water, taste the crunchiness and freshness of organic seasonal fruits as well as take a step closer to nature.


Tour Start Location / Places of interest
8:30 am Straits Quay Retail Marina
Visit Teluk Bahang dam
Arrive at orchard
Explore the abundance of greeneries, plants and trees
Learn about the organic method of farming
Relax within the orchard’s peaceful surroundings
Fresh Fruits served
4:30 pm Straits Quay Retail Marina


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