Like the explorers of old, find your way to Sungai Merbok Estuary by spotting Mount Jerai, a mountain that towers over the river estuary. This overland journey takes you along rice paddies and fishing villages. Embark on a boat to explore the bizarre and fascinating habitat surrounded by dense mangrove swamps. Also visit several archeological sites including the modest Archaeology Museum. The journey to ‘Bujanga’ Valley of The Dragon lets you unravel the historical puzzle of a lost civilization, considered as South East Asia’s most important discovery in several decades.


Tour Start Location / Places of interest
8:00 am Straits Quay Retail Marina
9:00 am Explore Merbok River by boat and learn the importance of this river and its ecosystem
11:00 am Visit Sungai Batu archaeological dig, site of the oldest civilisation in South East Asia
11:45 am Arrive at the Museum and tour their indoor and outdoor exhibits
1:15 pm Lunch
2:45 pm Straits Quay Retail Marina


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