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Eurasia Dental Lab

Grounded in the philosophy that communication in a team atmosphere between lab and dentist can be the only foundation for both sides to execute their respective talents and skills.

With that understanding, we founded the lab and furthermore came to the conclusion that outside skills needed to be brought to the table to provide the product that surpasses the local standard by undereducated local technicians. So we hand picked our technicians from all over the world, who showed great skills, high educational background and character!

We have gone to great length to create a team of talented people in a system that works! We also spend no cost in providing the highest quality material and equipment from Europe and USA.

Our chief technicians is a graduate of Dawson Academy and has many years of experience in large comprehensive cases in the USA.

All our technicians are well-versed with this type of work, including complex implant cases.

Our goal over the long term is to also train local technicians to a high standard so we can give back to the society that has been so warm and accepting of us and what we provide.

Lot No: 3E-1-3